The 3 Kings of Cloud Computing

What Exactly is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a form of storage and delivery of hosted services over the internet. For an insight to basics of cloud companies, the 3 Kings of cloud computing, and the future of this technology, read on.


Cloud Computing


There are three main categories of Cloud Computing:

1. Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS.
2. Platform as a Service – PaaS.
3. Software as a Service – SaaS.

Why Is It Called Cloud Computing?

The service got the name of “cloud computing’” because it was inspired by the symbol of a cloud, which represents the flow of content over the internet.

The cloud computing is different in these three distinct characteristics:

1. Cloud computing happens on Demand for each minute or hour.
2. It is flexible: the user can have how much and as many services they need. Any amount and at any time required.
3. The entire management of the system is handled by the service provider. So the user doesn’t need know the functionalities of it. Simply a computer and an internet connection is all that is required.

Public and Private Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is classified as both a public and private cloud computing service.

A private cloud is one that serves as a data center supplying hosting services to a limited number of people whereas, a Public cloud can provide services to anyone and everyone. Currently, Amazon is the largest Public cloud computing service provider. There is one other case which is referred to as a Virtual private cloud. This occurs when a public cloud service provider uses their resources to create a private service.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Whatever kind of service provided, whether it be public or private, the only aim of cloud computing is to allow the users to experience easy and scalable access to IT services and computing resources at any point of time, and thus it is gaining ever greater popularity even during the global recession.


The 3 Kings of Cloud Computing

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon cloud computing services are acclaimed to be the 3 kings of cloud computing. Yahoo! is also counted amongst the major cloud computing players, and Yahoo cloud computing services have also been pretty popular despite their current uncertainty.

Which Companies May Suffer as a Result of New innovations in Cloud Computing?

Traditional software producers that could get hit big time, if cloud computing ultimately wins out, these could include:

• Oracle (ORCL)
• Blackbaud (BLKB)
• Lawson Software (LWSN)



Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies that will eventually get a boost with increases in the popularity of cloud computing are:


• Google (GOOG)

• (CRM)

• Taleo (TLEO)

• NetSuite (N)

• RightNow Technologies (RNOW)

• (AMZN)

• Yahoo! (YHOO)

• Microsoft (MSFT)

• Quest Software (QSFT)

  • Omniture (OMTR)


These are the ones to watch as the cost of servers drop and more and businesses and individuals are looking to free up valuable server space. Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing sectors in IT.