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Written with an eye on being the opening track on the album in a couple of senses: firstly, Absolutely Cuckoo is one of the vestiges of the early conceit to have the whole album run in alphabetical order (Zebra, the final track on Volume 3 is obviously another). Secondly, the first lines — 'Don't fall in love with me yet / We only recently met' — could be heard as an address to the listener.

This is one of a couple of songs that have two parts, both of which are sung by Stephin Merritt on the recorded version. "The character being cuckoo could be multiple personalities," says Stephin in the 69 Love Songs booklet. In live performance, where it would be impractical for one person to sing both parts because of the lack of breathing opportunities, Claudia Gonson takes one of the parts. (The other song where this happens is Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget.)

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