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Bitter Tears is recorded in mono. In the 69 Love Songs booklet, Stephin Merritt says he wore his Phil Spector Back to Mono pin while mixing it.

LD Beghtol, who sings the song, writes:

Stephin went through a bunch of versions with different instrumentation for this track, and he was getting rather frustrated about it. He played it for me over the phone and I liked it a lot — this was to be my last song for the album — but suggested he leave the busy mix as it was as a mono background, then add ukes and other rhythm tracks in front of that for a really 'deep' aural picture, which worked pretty well.

I recorded the vocal on my lunch hour one afternoon at [Mother West] (the Flare studio), at the very end of the sessions, with Charles Newman engineering and Claudia [Gonson] directing. We did two takes: first me singing in big belting baritone voice (Claudia said, "Sing it like Paint your Wagon!, LD") and then I did the little backing vocal "ah's" on the refrains and at the end.

Stephin wasn't expecting my full-throttle baritone on it, but liked it in the end — especially against the psycho backing track that spirals out of control at the end. Live, that's the part Claudia sang with me.

This is the second song in a row that shares a title with someone else's song — in this case INXS [lyrics to their song Bitter Tears].

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