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Stephin Merrit says For We Are The King Of The Boudoir is "essentially Gilbert and Sullivan". The singer refers to himself both with the royal 'we' and in the third person ('for we are the king of the boudoir, old thing / and the king doesn't like to wait').

This song was originally intended to be included in The 6ths' Wasps' Nests sung by Manolo from the Spanish band Astrud.

LD Beghtol, who sings the song, writes:

One of the most rewarding parts of the making of 69 Love Songs was Stephin encouraging me to use my various character voices on some songs. This one took me right back to my operatic past, and was also a one-taker. Muscle memory rules!

The lyrics feature the absurd double negative 'prowesslessnesslessness', which manages to rhyme five consecutive syllables (cf. the discussion of 'singing fling' in Epitaph for My Heart).

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