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69 Love Songs was released in the USA on 1999-09-07 by [Merge Records] as three individual volumes (MRG 166, 167 and 168) and as a boxed set, including 73-page booklet (MRG 169).

The original pressing (or whatever the CD equivalent of a pressing is called) of 2,500 copies of the box set apparently sold out within days.

The booklet contains an interview between writer/accordion-player Daniel Handler and Stephin Merritt, which discusses each of the 69 songs in turn.

All US versions of the album are still [available for purchase].

Other territories

When released in other territories 69 Love Songs has been available only as a triple album, generally packaged in a ‘double CD’ jewel case, including lyric booklets for each volume, but not the interview booklet.

In the UK, 69 Love Songs was originally released by [Circus] on 2000-05-29 with catalogue number [CIRCD 003]. The album has been reissued a few times, most recently on 2004-10-11 — along with all the Magnetic Fields' albums prior to 69 Love Songs — on [Domino Records].

The album was on [Zomba Records] in Germany and [PIAS] in the rest of Europe. Current availability is unclear.

In Australia, 69 Love Songs is available on [W. Minc].


The four 69 Love Songs shows at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith (2001-01-17, 18, 19, 20) were shot for a planned live DVD release. The release hit problems (details unknown) and has been postponed. According to this [interview by John St. Denis] Stephin Merritt owns the footage and "may put it out on DVD on the 10th anniversary of 69LS, though he was just speaking off the top of his head".

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