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The 69 Love Songs booklet explains that this song was first conceived for [Ute Lemper] and then for [Diamanda Galás] — with an eye on The 6ths album [Hyacinths and Thistles] — though neither ever recorded the song.

LD Beghtol writes, "We all longed to sing this one, but Dudley got the honor. What a great song!"

'Play another charming / Rodgers & Hart tune'

Richard Rodgers (composer) and Lorenz Hart (lyricist) collaborated on 29 musicals, and contributed songs to 12 films, writing more than four shows a year at the peak of their productivity [source]. The partnership ran from 1919 until the death of Hart in 1943: he allegedly "drank himself to death, tormented by his gnomish appearance and unable to accept his own homosexuality" [source]. Rodgers continued to write musicals with Oscar Hammerstein II, and then with other lyricists after Hammerstein's death.

Some link Hart's homosexuality with his lyrics, which "abound with expressions of frustrated romance, isolated courtship and unconventional affection" [source].


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