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You can edit all but seven of the pages on this site and add new pages. This page explains how — you may find it useful to print it for ease of reference. When making changes, please take account of the copyright policy, and the comments about editorial control at the foot of this page.

Logging in

Please log in before you edit any pages. (The requirement to log in is intended to prevent peddlers of pills, porn and casinos from replacing pages with adverts for their wares.) To do this
  1. click on [Preferences] from the links at the bottom of any page on the site;
  2. enter a username (no spaces) and set your individual password (if you want to have one);
  3. enter the Administrator Password — this password is the first name of the songwriter in The Magnetic Fields (all lower case, the spelling is important);
  4. click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

If you have any difficulties with this, please contact DavidJennings giving as full a report of the problems as possible.

If you have your browser set to accept cookies, you will be logged in automatically whenever you visit the site from the same computer (if you don't know what cookies are, chances are you're set to accept them!).

To login from other computers, first make a note of the User ID number that has been assigned to you, and then enter it plus your password at this [login page].

Editing a page

After logging in, you can change any page by
  1. going to the page and clicking the link 'Edit text of this page' which should appear in blue at the bottom of the page (except on the read-only pages, listed below);
  2. please leave any lines at the bottom of each page with text in <angled brackets> unchanged, as they control the navigation between the song pages;
  3. type new text, or change existing text, in any part of the page;
  4. when you're done, write a short summary of the change in the box marked 'Summary' near the bottom of the page, and then
  5. click 'Save.'

You should then see the new version of the page, including your changes.

If you want to add formatting or links to the text, please read the [text formatting rules] for guidance. The documentation for this relatively new software isn't great for non-technical users — sorry — but if you're stuck with getting the format you want, try to leave notes to describe what you want and hopefully someone will visit the page again soon and tidy up the formatting the way you want.

Read-only pages

These are the pages you cannot edit, even after logging in, and why:
  • 69 Love Songs — the home page — this page provides links and information critical to understanding how the site works and what it's about — it's also the page most likely to be 'attacked' by unscrupulous people wanting to replace this information with links to gambling and porn sites — apologies for spoiling that fun;
  • the navigation pages — Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, All songs (alphabetical) — also important to the basic functioning of the site, and unlikely to need editing since no change to the album tracklist is expected;
  • copyright policy — if this page were editable, it would not serve any purpose as a policy;
  • this page (how to make changes).

Creating a new page

This is where things start to get more tricky. Let's assume you want to create one new page that is linked to from an existing page (if you want to do anything more complex than this, the best thing to do is ask DavidJennings first). This is how you'd do it:
  1. Log in using the Administrator Password (see above), and go to the existing page, from where you want to add the link to the new page;
  2. Click the link 'Edit text of this page' which should appear at the bottom of the page;
  3. Think of a title for the page (it can include spaces, periods, commas, dash/minus, curved brackets and apostrophes) and include this title in the edits you make, inside double square brackets, like this — [[New page title]] (see [more details]);
  4. Click 'Save': you should now see the page with your new page title, followed by a '?';
  5. Click the '?': this will take you to the edit screen for the new page you just created;
  6. Enter the text for the new page and click 'Save'

Editorial control

DavidJennings is administrator of the site. If you want to suggest changes to any of the read-only pages, please [send a message].

Otherwise anyone can edit and re-edit anyone else's text.

The only exception is that attempts to incite hatred and prejudice will be removed, and anyone making them may be barred from making further changes.

Policy is subject to change without notice if the proposed anarchy doesn't work. This is not a democracy.

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