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'He's always right, He's always patient / I pinch myself — It's like I'm dreaming it / He says, come here baby and kiss me like you mean it'

If you're selective in quoting from the lyrics of Kiss Me Like You Mean It, you can almost see how a jewelry company, Helzberg Diamonds, came to use the song as backing for a TV commercial (no link: they're not sponsoring this site).

Meanwhile in the 69 Love Songs booklet, Stephin Merritt says the song is "more about a B & D [bondage and domination] relationship".

The title was also appropriated by Chris Chibnall for the title of his 2001 play [link], though there was no further connection (and, yes, Chibnall confirmed separately that he took the title from The Magnetic Fields and not from the Air Supply song with the same title).

mym adds: I like the subversiveness of this song, the Christian imagery and language suddenly switched to individual arousal.

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