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When all 69 Love Songs are performed live over two nights (see [listings]), Promises of Eternity song closes the first night. It is performed by Stephin alone on stage, singing to Chris Ewen's backing tracks, which provides the opportunity to camp up some of the lyrics ('What if the show couldn't go on / ... What if all the stage hands were let go or fired' etc).

'No Seven, no , no Nine, and no "10"'

Seven (a.k.a. Se7en) refers the David Fincher film [link]. is the Federico Fellini film [link].  Nine is the Maury Yeston musical performed on Broadway in 1982 and 2003 [link]. And "10" is the Blake Edwards film [link].

In the 69 Love Songs booklet, Stephin Merritt says that the arrangement is meant as a Tom Jones tribute, while Daniel Handler suggests Fellini's "campy, sentimental, nostalgic, ridiculous, sublime vision seems to fit right in with the vision of this album".

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