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"My interest in 'keeping it real' is pretty nil…[sic] 69 Love Songs is not remotely an album about love. It's an album about love songs, which are very far away from anything to do with love." [Source]

"I think 69 Love Songs as a mating call is highly flawed. It's hard to believe anyone would want to go out with me after hearing it." [Source]

"It's a stunt. It's audacious, and you think it would be awful, but it isn't. It's too big to be silly. If it were 40 love songs, that would be silly. Sixty-nine is grandiose." [Source]

"One of the funny things about 69 Love Songs is that it's such a denial of inspiration and confession and autobiography and sincerity. I simply set to work." [Source]

"The whole idea of 69 love songs is the travesty of the idea of the love song. The love song is generally not supposed to be happening in bulk." [Source]

"I like the idea of love songs in bulk — I like it for its Warholian repetition, and for the gall it clearly displays that is part of my personality. It's a stunt; it's Evel Knievel jumping over 69 cars." [Source]

"I don't tend to write songs of short-term social/political relevance....I have a lot of songs about other songs, basically. Robert Christgau dismissed Holiday [The Magnetic Fields’ third album] with what I thought was a perfectly fair review: 'More songs about songs and songs.' That's the most concise and true review that I think I've ever gotten. I don't see it as a dismissal. What I care about most in the world is popular music, actually. More than love, I think I care about popular music. I would rather be disfigured than go deaf." [Source]

"I love Tom Lehrer, but he doesn't love me. He said that three love songs are quite enough for any stage show and, while love songs are a necessary evil, the idea of doing 69 of them was morally repugnant to him. He tried to listen to them, he said, but he just couldn't stand it." [Source]

"This album is more Carter Family than OMD." [Source: 69 Love Songs booklet]

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