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According to the 69 Love Songs booklet, Sweet-Lovin' Man was written at the time of The Magnetic Fields' 1994 album [The Charm of the Highway Strip] but didn't fit with the rest of that album.

In several ways this song is consciously out of character with other Stephin Merritt compositions:

  • "The original idea, probably obvious, was to write a song with a title I would never use."
  • It has a slow fade whereas the majority of songs end more or less abruptly.
  • Notwithstanding the 'million years of rain', the song is happy and positive.

In a feature in the now-defunct Milkmag, Don Leibold wrote:

[Claudia] Gonson is Stephen [sic] Merritt's longtime friend and manager. She sings six songs on 69 Love Songs, including a soaring number called Sweet-Lovin' Man. Merritt hears the song as a kind of Loretta Lynn tribute, though other ears might hear it as a bombastic eighties ballad à la Bonnie Tyler.

Shirley Simms says that there is general agreement that she should have sung this, but at the time it was assigned to Claudia for reasons of balance of different singers [source: conversation with Shirley, London 2008].

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