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In the booklet accompanying the [US release], Stephin Merritt describes The Book of Love as "sort of a manifesto for the album": the book of love would detail the etiquette of all aspects of courting across all cultures and all times.

LD Beghtol writes:

This was written while Stephin was on tour in summer of 1998, and was premiered at a Thursday night rooftop concert at the Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery in Chelsea.

I had curated a show called Imaginary Friends with artist Nayland Blake, and we'd asked Stephin to spend the day in the gallery composing — with people milling about in the tiny space as he played various ukes and wrote the lyrics on the wall with various markers and crayons. He performed The Book of Love and Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits that night, and Flare and other musicians also played as the sun set over the Hudson. We all wept…

That Sunday we painted over the wall and that was that!

At the Lyric Hammersmith on 2001-01-19, as an 'encore' to the performance of the first 34 songs on the album, Peter Gabriel sang the song accompanied by Stephin and John Woo. Gabriel also sings an orchestral version of the song on the [trailer of the film Shall We Dance?], and there is a [mash-up of Gabriel's version with Everclear].

It has also been covered by Mike Doughty and by Boys Suck [Source].

Another cover by the band Breakfast For Dinner as played on St. Louis Community Radio Station KDHX [Source].


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