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See the fantasy cover versions of the 69 songs, and feel free to add your own.

  • One that got away: Douglas Wolk’s interview with Stephin, dated 1998-06-08, quotes the lyrics of Love Song number 53, which is a haiku, where Stephin croons: "What a moon! / Poets all over the world must be / Writing songs of love." Presumably shorter even than Roses, there is no known record of this song being performed or recorded. [Source].
  • In 2001-01 Stephin Merritt published an [interview he carried out with the Love Song], whom he met in Lisbon.
  • At the end of 1999, Stephin Merritt listed [one best recording from each year of the 20th Century].
  • At birth Stephin Merritt was given the name Stephen. After seeing a TV program on tracking junk mail, he devised multiple spellings of Stephen for different aspects of his life: 'Stephin' was the musician, and the spelling stuck. [Source].
  • This step turned out to be uncannily prescient in making it easier for people to find material about Stephin Merritt on the web. A [Google search on the single word 'Stephin'] returns an extremely high percentage of relevant pages. Allegations that Morrissey left the Smiths with an eye to improving his search engine performance have not been confirmed. As for Prince...
  • Rusty Spell has recorded his own versions of all three volumes of 69 Love Songs, down to the cover art and the [song-by-song interview]. Links to [Volume 1], [Volume 2], [Volume 3].
  • Volume 1 was performed live by an ensemble of volunteers at the Somerville Theater (venue for The Magnetic Fields' own performance in 2000) on 2004-08-07 — [link].
  • A 69 Love Songs Tribute Night was held at Logan's Pub, Victoria, B.C., Canada on Valentine's Day 2005. The performers included members of Chet, Lakeboat, Elephant Island, plus Hank and Lily, Immaculate Machine, Emily Rhone, Sarah Rhude, Run Chico Run, David P. Smith.
  • If the songs are laid out in alphabetical order, every letter is represented by at least one song except for the letter "J". 
  • Three Imaginary Girls organised a [69 Love Songs Pre-Valentine's Day Bash] at the Crocodile Café, Seattle, USA on 9 February 2006. Performers of songs from the album also included members of The Long Winters, Vendetta Red, Rocky Votolato, Visqueen, Tullycraft, Harvey Danger, Kane Hodder, Transmissionary Six, and Saeta.

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