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In the 69 Love Songs booklet, Stephin Merritt says When My Boy Walks Down The Street is "more like the Jesus and Mary Chain" [Stephin Merritt writes about the Jesus and Mary Chain, 1998]. Which is almost true of the instrumental production, but the Jesus and Mary Chain never sang like this. The vocal sounds more like the Shangri-Las [link].

LD Beghtol writes that, "This song is also heavily influenced by The Three O'Clock [link], an LA 'paisley underground' band Stephin and Claudia loved in the 80s, whose terrific first two albums have just recently been released on CD".

Also from the booklet: Daniel Handler: "I think there will be people who hear this song think that '...and he's going to be my wife' is a gay marriage statement". Stephin Merritt: "Well, I suppose it is".

'Everyone thinks he's Petula'

A reference to Petula Clark [link], who is pictured with Claudia Gonson in the 69 Love Songs booklet.


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