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This song brings together the traditions of
  • love during wartime (though with a different twist to Abigail, Belle of Kilronan)
  • gender switch (it is sung by a man, but clearly with the voice of a woman addressing a man — cf. Acoustic Guitar), and
  • drinking/intoxication ('the night you can't remember / the night I can't forget').

The combination is exploited for comic effect: 'You said I was terrific, it / meant zilch to you, ah, but I / have our marriage certificate / 'n I'll keep it till I die' and 'you've got vague presentiments / and I've got little Junior.'

The Rockettes are a renowned dance organisation, linked to Radio City Music Hall, which has been around since the 1920s [source]. And the line 'It's true, we flew to Paris, dear / aboard an Army jet' is, perhaps unusually, historically credible since the Rockettes starred in USO Tours during World War Two.


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