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This site is independently produced, and is committed to respecting the wishes of rights owners. That means:

  • avoiding any extensive copying of others' text that might go beyond ['fair-use'] (e.g. by copying more than, say, 200 words, or by not providing a link to the original source — if online — or citation reference);
  • not providing any links to photographs or sound recordings that infringe copyright.

Any material that goes against these rules of thumb will be removed.

The issue of the copyright in the full lyrics of the 69 love songs is a difficult area. These lyrics are all ©1999 Stephin Merritt. Nevertheless the full lyrics of many of the songs are available across several sites on the web. This site will not reproduce full song lyrics but will, for the time being, provide links to other sites that publish these lyrics. This may be reviewed if there are complaints.

For any queries or complaints, please contact DavidJennings.

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