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According to the 69 Love Songs booklet, Sweet-Lovin' Man was written at the time of The Magnetic Fields' 1994 album [The Charm of the Highway Strip] but didn't fit with the rest of that album.

In several ways this song is consciously out of character with other Stephin Merritt compositions:

  • "The original idea, probably obvious, was to write a song with a title I would never use."
  • It has a slow fade whereas the majority of songs end more or less abruptly.
  • Notwithstanding the 'million years of rain', the song is happy and positive.

In a feature in the now-defunct Milkmag, Don Leibold wrote:

[Claudia] Gonson is Stephen [sic] Merritt's longtime friend and manager. She sings six songs on 69 Love Songs, including a soaring number called Sweet-Lovin' Man. Merritt hears the song as a kind of Loretta Lynn tribute, though other ears might hear it as a bombastic eighties ballad à la Bonnie Tyler.

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