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'But my sentimental melody... / will ring in your ears... /

bringing a tear to your eye / Goodbye'

My Sentimental Melody is another song which is literally (almost) a song about a song (cf. The Way You Say Good-Night, also sung by LD Beghtol). In this case the love song is an instrument of revenge. It works after, and because, the singer has gone.

The song is driven by a fan organ, the electric motor of which can be heard at the beginning and end of the song.

Apparently the song was written ten years before 69 Love Songs was released.

LD Beghtol, who sings the song, writes:

The vocals were recorded in two takes, since I couldn’t quite get the rhythm right — and never did — on the second verse. Claudia’s "Lawrence Welk Show" backing vocals are a marvel, and I get all tingly when the fan organ clicks
off at the very end.

Flare [one of LD's other bands] used to do this song live, right when
69 Love Songs came out, in a terrific string version with a huge piano cadenza. We soon dropped it from our live shows when I burst into tears in the middle of it one night at Mercury Lounge and had to stop the song when I noticed most of the band and the audience (including Stephin Merritt) were sobbing along with me.

American composer Aaron Copland also wrote a piano piece called Sentimental Melody (Slow Dance) in 1926 [details].

*[Lyrics and guitar tab] from stephinsongs web site.