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*The Book of Love
*A Pretty Girl is Like...
*Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
*Time Enough for Rocking When We're Old
*If You Don't Cry
*The Sun Goes Down and the World Goes Dancing

The 69 Love Songs booklet features the following exchange between Daniel Handler and Stephin Merritt.

DH — It seems like songs about dancing come out of you like a spigot.

SM — I'm continually surprised that people find that odd because most Top 40 songs are either about love or dancing, many are about the moon, and if they're recurring themes in my lyrics that's just because they're recurring themes in all lyrics.

DH — Well sure, but you're not grouped in the popular imagination with Top 40 artists that often.

SM — Not so much that I'm among Top 40 artists, but that I'm talking about Top 40 artists.