Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is not hard to understand. As this kind of computing is starting to become more popular these days so is the ever growing need for new technology. Cloud computing allows you to simply increase the capabilities and capacity within a business without having to invest more money in things like software or infrastructure. It can be a really cheap way to help your company become more effective. There are many different types of cloud computing, and we’ll discuss the three different types of cloud computing available.


Cloud computing technology is a very essential business application which can do wonders for your business. It is filled with all the qualities you require in the form of web based applications for your business. You won’t have to worry about  maintenance because you’ll have to pay very little for it. This is usually in the form of a very minimal fee charged to your monthly subscription.


Various cloud computing providers supply all the needed information or resources to small or medium sized businesses who cannot afford to get their own required IT infrastructure to make their business relevant in this competitive world. Cloud computing technology is very effective because it covers all the needs of a growing company to become as efficient and dynamic as possible with limited resources.


These providers always use the latest network servers, workstations, fast and reliable network connection as well as redundant backup systems. Apart from this, cloud computing providers ensure that businesses get the best output from their services. Thus, their teams are comprised of professionals, gurus and geeks who give business owners the best possible IT infrastructure solutions. Cloud computing providers make businesses successful by their continuous and rigorous IT infrastructure services. It acts as a substitute for your private IT infrastructure within your company.


Types of Cloud Computing

The first type of cloud computing is the Platform as a service. This type of cloud computing is very close to SaaS, (a different type of cloud computing). Platform as a service provides you the development environments as a kind of service. You will need to build the applications yourself. These applications will then be run on the infrastructure of the service provider. Then the application will be delivered to your users through the Internet. You must be aware that each provider has their own capabilities, and you will have to work around what your provider can and cannot do in order to develop your applications properly.


The second type of cloud computing is MSP. MSP stands for managed service providers. MSP is very old when compared to the newer types of cloud computing. An application will not be exposed to end-users, but it will instead be exposed to IT. This type of computing involves things such as virus scanning services which could be used for your e-mail. Scanning e-mail messages is something that has been done for quite some time, and that is why this kind of computing has been around for awhile. This service also normally includes items like anti-spam services as well.


The third, and final, type of cloud computing is Service commerce platforms. This kind of computing combines qualities from SaaS and MSP. This type of service provides people a place where users can go to interact. The most common use for this kind of computing is through trading environments. One example would be allowing people to order travel services such as flights and hotel accommodations. 


Pricing can be done by the user of this kind of computing. Just another kind of the many different types of cloud computing technologies out there in the world today.