What is Cloud Programming?

Cloud programming and cloud computing operates physically much like a common municipal utility. The provider invests in equipment, personnel and operational cloud programming to supply hosting to smaller businesses. These businesses pay only for the amount of capacity they use when connected to the server’s network (Cloud) with a small monthly fee. Cloud computing is an excellent way for a business to obtain greatly enhanced computer services, equipment and technical expertise.


Whose in Control?


Control is always a main priority and sensitive issue for most businesses that outsource important tasks or services to third party entities. There are three key models for cloud computing and programming that make room for varying degrees of control by the subscribing small businesses. Fees then adjust accordingly, again for the capacity used. Clouds networks can be customized and scaled according for any size business.


Here are the 3 main Cloud Programming Categories:

1. The public cloud model

This is the least expensive and most general offering of services, similar again to the use of electricity by an individual homeowner connected to the public utility grid. Everyone can access the same services and receives basically the same results.

2. The community cloud

This is slightly more expensive and is designed to provide a special group of services to businesses that have similar interests. This would be more like joining a specialty club, like martial arts or ballroom dancing.

3. The private cloud

This one costs the most, but also offers the most potential for individual customization. It would be rather like leasing an expensive custom sports car, for a monthly fee.


Is Cloud Programming Reliable?


With limited control over equipment and programs, a user company would naturally be concerned about reliability and security issues. Any time anyone accesses the Internet, there is a potential for security problems. Having the state-of-the-art protection programs in action is the best way to keep up. This is another area in which using cloud computing can be cost effective. The cloud provider is the one doing the investment in top notch security measures, and they are regularly updated. Reliability is another important issue of concern to businesses using cloud computing. Again, the provider maintains technical staffing on site to address all technical concerns as they come up.


Cloud Programming Uses and Services Provided Nowadays?


There are many ways that cloud services are used today by all sizes and types of individual businesses and government agencies. For example, a video production company needed to expand their server capability in one week form 50 servers to 500. This would be next to impossible without cloud computing. Other companies use cloud programming for customer contact management, tracking sales calls and results, database management, inventory, accounting and other statistical manipulation.


Its obvious that for the foreseeable future, cloud computing looks to be an excellent answer to the increased capacity and cost containment that all businesses need for sustainable profitability.