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A girl implores her guitar to bring back her girl. In the 69 Love Songs booklet, Stephin Merritt points to the folk tradition of singing in the character of the opposite gender. A song like House of the Rising Sun, originally written from the female point of view, may be straightforward when sung by Joan Baez or Marianne Faithful, but is less so when sung by Bob Dylan, who retains the same point of view. A similar ambiguity arises when Claudia Gonson sings Acoustic Guitar (having previously been straight, [Gonson] is now openly lesbian).

The cast of 'hard players' ('Acoustic Guitar, if you think I play hard / well, you could have belonged to...') is

  • Steve Earle (born 1955, Virginia) is a singer-songwriter working on the borders of country music. He has a reputation for being tough and hard-living, but liberal. He has released sixteen albums and been married six times. [Official site]. [Unofficial site].
  • Charo (born 1941, 1942 or 1952, according to different sources, in Spain) is a dancer, composer, singer, comedienne and star of showrooms, television and [film], with very big hair. She performs mainly in Hawaii and Las Vegas. She appears to share with Stephin Merritt a fondness for Chihuahuas. [Charo site #1], [Charo site #2]. Stephin discusses her briefly in [this interview].
  • GWAR are a death/goth metal/punk band, formed around 1980 in Virginia. The name is apparently onomatopaeic [source]. There are few facts about them on their [official web site].


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