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For albums before and since 69 Love Songs, The Magnetic Fields have operated as four-piece band comprising Stephin Merritt, Claudia Gonson, Sam Davol and John Woo. For 69 Love Songs Stephin Merritt recorded himself playing a huge variety of instruments helped by:
  • Claudia Gonson — piano, drums, percussion;
  • John Woo — banjo, lead guitar, mandolin;
  • Sam Davol — cello, flute.

For 69 Love Songs only, The Magnetic Fields were supplemented by a number of guest singers and players:

[Full discography] for The Magnetic Fields from the official site.

Stephin Merritt also writes and releases music under [his own name], as [Future Bible Heroes], as [The Gothic Archies] and as [The 6ths].

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