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In the 69 Love Songs booklet, Stephin Merritt refers to the arrangement, including his and LD Beghtol's vocal and the autoharp, being an attempt to emulate the Carter Family, who recorded between 1927 and 1942 [link]. LD and Stephin share an admiration for the Carter Family [source], and their influence could account in part for The Magnetic Fields adoption of drum-less arrangements in recent years.

LD Beghtol writes:

Stephin and me being the Carter Family, out on the front porch in Maces Springs, Tennessee (okay, really in his East Village studio!) Another one take song, hence my mistake of "feet/foot" and kinda of bad harmonies. He wanted it very live and off-the-cuff, so we rehearsed it one, and recorded it, with me singing from a lyric sheet.

'Though he is dead he haunts your dreams'

In 1999 a short article appeared on the web about someone grieving an ex-lover, who had in turn had his heart broken by a previous boyfriend killed by AIDS. The article evokes The One You Really Love and also Busby Berkeley Dreams in the sentence, "My dreams of John [the ex-lover] are Busby Berkeley dance numbers in which John and I waltz in midair among thousands of exploding crystal chandeliers." The article was attributed to Stephin Merritt but its original source, authenticity and fictional status are unclear [link].

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