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Following on the heels Wi' Nae Wee Bairn Ye'll Me Beget, this is the second of the two murder ballads on 69 Love Songs — though both are eccentric in relation to the corps of 'traditional' murder ballads.

Using the classification schema for murder ballads provided by Eric Zorn — see [details and lyrics of twelve other ballads] — the entry for Yeah! Oh, Yeah! would be:

Location of murder: Domestic

Method: Knife

Name of Killer / Relation to victim: Unspecified, wife

Motive: Perpetual whining, can't sing

Method of body disposal: Unspecified

Justice done? Yeah! Oh, Yeah!

LD Beghtol adds, "During this song at the Knitting Factory release show [see concert reviews], Claudia [Gonson] was playing so hard that a bass string snapped on the piano, which could have decapitated Shirley [Simms] and me. But what a way to go…"

*[Recording of live performance] for KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic as part of archived radio interview (Yeah! Oh, Yeah! begins 22min 5secs in).
*[Lyrics and guitar tab] from stephinsongs web site.